Europe Scam Alert : Targeting South Asian Students
Stay Informed and Protected

Europe Scam Alert

Scammer have found a new method to exploit the trust. Students pursuing higher degree on Denmark are getting calls from an unknown number claiming themselves as a Danish police and deceive them into transferring the money. Most probable victims are from South Asia - Nepal, India and Bangladesh. Don't fall in this trap. 

It is crucial to remain vigilant about such scam to protect yourself. Be alert!! Any police or law enforcement agency will never demand money over phone call or email. They will either call you to visit the station or will visit you directly if needed. If you get this type of call don't panic, confirm it with your embassy or contact your local police directly. Be cautious about sharing personal or financial details with anyone you don't trust.

If you are already a victim of this don't worry, few cases are already filed against the scam and soon the law enforcement authorities will bring culprit to justice. 

If you need support and assistant consider reaching out to the support group, seniors and experts in this field.

General rule of thumbs if you are the victim:

  • Try not to use to use the same contact and account number for monetary purpose.
  • Scammer will always find a way to contact you once you are victimize. Be prepare to get calls from scammer, maybe in a different way. Be aware, alert and cautious.
Rajani Shrestha 16 July, 2023
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